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To compile a full book, do this:

  1. Download the ODT files for the book and all of its chapters from the Published folder for the book.
  2. Open the book file and go to the title page for the preface.
  3. Open the file for the book’s preface and copy the contents from the first Heading 1 (usually “Who is this book for?”) to the end of the file. Paste this into the book file at the end of the title page for the preface.
  4. Check that the page style changes from First Page (on the title page for the preface) to Default for the other pages of the preface. Fix if necessary.
  5. Close the preface file and open the file for chapter 1.
  6. In the book file, go to the end of the preface and copy-paste the title page from chapter 1, then copy-paste the contents of chapter 1 from the first Heading 1 (usually the Introduction) to the end of the file.
  7. Repeat steps 4–6 for each of the other chapters in the book, inserting each at the end of the previous chapter.
  8. Regenerate the table of contents and index by right-clicking on each of them and choosing Update index from the pop-up menu.
  9. On the copyright page:
    • Change the publication date to the current date.
    • Check that the Contributors section includes all the contributors’ names from all the chapters in the book.
    • Check that the LibreOffice version information is correct.
  10. Check that the information in File ▸ Properties is correct, especially on the Description page.
  11. Check that the footers show the correct information: book title on left-hand (even) pages and chapter title on right-hand (odd) pages. Fix if necessary.
  12. Check that the first item in the first numbered list in each chapter is numbered 1 as it should be. Fix if necessary: right-click on the first list paragraph and choose Bullets and Numbering > Restart numbering.
  13. Review the compiled index. If any entries need to be changed, make the changes in the chapters, not in the index itself. See also “Compiling and editing the index for a book” and “Tips for indexing chapters” in Indexing LibreOffice User Guides.
  14. At the end of the file, place the cursor in the blank page at the end and insert the back cover image. Anchor the image To Page, stretch the image to fill the entire page, and change its Wrap to Wrap Through.
  15. Select File ▸ Export as PDF. Choose the following settings:
    • On the General tab, select JPEG compression and Export bookmarks.
    • On the Initial View tab, select Page only, Default magnification, and Default page layout.
    • On the User Interface tab, select Display document title (under Window Options) and All bookmark levels. Leave all the other options unselected.
    • On the Links tab, select Default mode under Cross-document Links and leave other options unselected.
    • On the Security tab, make sure that no passwords are set.
  16. Name the PDF according to the instructions in #Naming convention for published books.