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The new document includes all the text and graphics contained in the template. Much of this material must be modified or deleted, as follows:

  1. Choose File ▸ Properties.
    • On the Description page, in the Title field, replace LO Chapter Template with the name of the chapter, for example Chapter 1 Introducing LibreOffice. Delete the template revision information in the Comments box.
    • On the Custom Properties page, in the Guide Name Value field, type the name of the book, for example Getting Started Guide. In the LibreOffice Version Value field, ensure the final digit is correct.
    • Click OK' to save the changes.
  2. On the title page of the chapter:
    • Change n to the chapter number. Do not delete the two blank space after the chapter number; it is required for correct spacing of text in the footer in a compiled book.
    • Change Type Chapter Name Here to the name of the new chapter.
    • Change Type Optional Subtitle Here to the chapter’s subtitle. If the chapter does not have a subtitle, delete the text but DO NOT delete the paragraph.
  3. On the Copyright page:
    • Make sure the Copyright date field shows the current year.
    • Add your name in the Contributors section.