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  • Get the new JDBC driver from http://www.mysql,com (or your distribution repository)
  • Start LibreOffice and open the dialogue box "Options" under "Utils > Options". Here choose "Security" and press the "Add" button to the *.jar files for your driver.
  • Re-open LibreOffice
  • Under "Utils > Data sources" over the database administration dialogue box
  • Press the button "New Database" and enter a valid name like MySQLJDBD and set the type to JDBC.
  • Enter the URL of the MySQL server, for example mysql://localhost/DatabaseName
  • Select the JDBC tab. Enter the name of the driver class. For the MySQL driver you should put "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver". If you use some other driver you should refer to your manual for the correct name of the driver.
  • Now you enter the username and, if you have a password, mark the checkbox.
  • To ensure your parameters are recorded, press the "Apply" button.
  • To test whether you can connect to MySQL, click the Tables tab.