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To use the AutoFilter:

  1. By default LibreOffice applies the AutoFilter to the whole of the range contiguous with the current cell. If this is not convenient, you must select the range to which you want the AutoFilter to apply.
  2. Go to Data ▸ AutoFilter.
  3. Buttons giving you access to a drop-down list appear in the boxes of the first row of the selected area.
    • Click to display the list of unique values in the column with attached checkboxes, allowing you to choose the data to filter.
    • The dialog also shows two buttons Show only the current item and Hide only the current item. In our example, in the drop-down list in B1, select the value 33, click on Show only the current item and then on OK to display towns in the Gironde.
copie d'écran
Sélectionner 33, cliquer sur Afficher uniquement l'élément actif
Only rows with 33 in columne B are displayed.