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First thing to do in case when a message about a corrupt file is reported (either the MSI itself, or some component, like error 1335) is to check the integrity of the downloaded package. It has been reported that some downloaders/browsers may reliably fail to download some versions of packages properly, while using a different software for download resolves the issue (e.g., tdf#121749). To check if your downloaded file is correct or not, you need to use a software that can calculate checksums of files (7-Zip can do that, as well as this Microsoft tool). The correct checksum values are available from LibreOffice Download page, using Info link below the Big Download button. Different mirrors offering the download are also listed there, so in case some mirror serves a corrupted installer package, and you happened to automatically use that mirror, here you may pick another (and don't forget to file a bug mentioning the exact corrupt mirror).