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  1. The page begins with a table. In this case, the page number attribute is not linked to the "first" paragraph of the table (the one in the first cell) but to the table itself: under Table ▸ Properties... ▸ Text flow [tab] check ☑ Break, check ☑ With page style, specify the page style and the number you want to use.
    Table properties
  2. The page begins with an index
    • It can be a Table of contents, an Alphabetical index, etc. These indexes are inserted by the software in protected sections, that means in read-only mode.
    • The solution consists in “unprotecting” the index while setting the first paragraph (usually the index title) as seen above: right-click on the index to display the contextual menu, chose Edit index ▸ Type [tab], uncheck Protected against manual changes.
    • Note
    Do not forget to re-protect the index after modifying the page number!
    • The numbering setting will be preserved when updating the index
    Unprotected index