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Now you have to perform the following steps for the program, help and SDK:

  1. Open the Command Prompt as described above.
  2. Once in the download folder you enter
    dir *.msi
    to get the correct names.
  3. You start the installation with the command
    msiexec /a LibO_<version>_Win_x86_multi.msi
    You can also specify the target directory in the command line, for example:
    msiexec /a LibO_<version>_Win_x86_multi.msi TARGETDIR="L:\3.6.0"
    (The <version> has to be replaced by the actual one.)
  4. For the Help files enter the command:
    msiexec /a LibO_<version>_Win_x86_helppack-en.msi
    and for the SDK
    msiexec /a LibO-SDK_<version>_Win_x86_install_multi.msi