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Hi, I'm feeding Your kind Membership request at The Document Foundation in quality of chairman|member of the Membership Committee.

To become member of the Foundation it is required a regular commitment to one of its Projects (LibreOffice or Document Liberation), but not in financial terms.
Although money donations are always welcome, the commitment needed to become part of the Foundation, acquiring voting right and eligibility, is about devotion to the project.

It's about dedicating part of Your own spare time in whatever activity could be useful and welcome to each other (You and the Project :).
So it could be in producing and/or translating in Your native language (LibreOffice, its guides, Web pages, Wiki, Manuals, Online Help), doing marketing (production of documents, videos, infographics, presentations, lectures, social networking…), bug hunting, reporting or triaging, developing source code, infrastructures health keeping (Servers - SysAdmin), making design (icons or whatever User Interface modification proposal).

Hence You just have to choose how and where to contribute, but it's important to do it regularly.
This means that translating 100 pages in a week end and never show up again for 6 months is not a devotion symptom for us, but surely an appreciated sprint.

Only after 3 months of small commitment done now and then, You may apply again for membership reporting some evidence of what done, for example through the username used on our platforms, so that we can easily check it and approve.

WARNING: if You were already aware of all this, I beg your pardon and ask You to kindly specify if and what contribution You made.

I want to say a big Thank You for Your application and for being interested to us, hoping to see soon a new application from You, accompanied with useful info for its approval.
For further informations I suggest the following URL's and remain available for any clarification.