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Hi, I want to answer to your question in your application email: We, the volunteer-based MC, need to check formally the contributors' activity because of our statutes, as you should know.

It's not that easy to recall every single detail of all 200+ members, and sometimes tools like Pootle don't help, as it reports just last 30 days of activity, for instance. And sometimes even long contributors didn't fit in the aspects of membership. So they can't be automatically a member again. But they can obviously re-apply as soon as they have been able to contribute again.
Even TDF founders use to fill in the form with plenty of details, though we all perfectly know what they do, for the very same reason: respect of roles, others work and contributions.

So, for the next time, please spend five minutes to save much more time of every MC member and thus make it easier for us to accept your application.

And of course: Many thanks for your long term contributions to the TDF. They are very useful not only for us but also for the whole community.