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  • The vendor says: Imprint Area: 3/4" high x 2-1/8" wide.
  • I'm going to add a 1/8" bleed, so that'll make the document 1" high x 2-3/8" wide
    • NOTE: You can't use 3 decimals in Inkscape' Custom Size box, so I rounded 2.375" -> 2.38"
  • I added guides to indent my working space, and used the dashed on the side to align them (perhaps a little closer than just looking at the decimal place readout in the lower-right corner)
  • I'm using the SVG logo source Media:LibreOffice-Initial-Artwork-Logo.svg linked from the Marketing/Branding page.
  • Here's what I came up with: Media:Libreoffice-never-run-out-of-ink_pen-design_2014.svg
Libreoffice-never-run-out-of-ink pen-design 2014.png