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  • Please answer the questions. Otherwise this bugreport will be closed. Alternatively ask your question on a mailing list or in a forum.
  • Why status "NEW"?
  • Why status "NEEDINFO"?
  • are you using LO 3.5 or 3.6? The last stable version is 3.6.0. Is bug still in 3.5 or 3.6?
  • exists your problem still?
  • Please test with the newest stable version of LibreOffice (3.6.0). Exists your problem still?
  • IMHO this thread has become somewhat confusing (which should not be a negative criticism - on the contrary: I appreciate your efforts very). I would like tosuggest a summary.
    1) <first question>
    2) <second question>
  • "Bug-Reporter" reagiert nicht auf Nachfragen:
    please feel free to reopen this bug if you find out that the problem still exists with the current stable LibreOffice version and if you can contribute requested additional information due to (especially BugReport Details)!
    Set status to "RESOLVED -> WORKSFORME"
  • Bug-Report ist nicht genau genug formuliert:
    Hi reporter,
    to reproduce the bug-report following is needed:
    1) List the single steps in details (e.g. "inserting or editing data in form's tables" isn´t exactly enough)
    2) Attach a odb-file
    3) Attach screenshot(s) what working wrong
  • Entscheidung "NEEDINFO" zu "NEW" zu ändern
    concerning processing bugreport the problem exists that nobody confirms the bug until today.
    Should the fact/request be discussed on a mailinglist? Which ML (perhaps international discuss-ML)?
    Set status "UNCONFIRMED" to "NEEDINFO".
  • Nachfrage von "reporter", warum Status "UNCOMFIRMED" nicht geändert wird:
    your bugreport must be confirmed. To reproduce takes much time. On average I edit 1 bug in 1 or 2 days because there are most vague informations. I will test your bugreport if I have time.
    But perhaps another person has time?