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The Version picker should show the LibreOffice version where the problem appeared, this information should help to find the code change what causes the problem. Especially for regressions it is important to have an indication with what version the problem appeared.

  • QA-Team members should try to find out during review whether also more early versions have been affected by the reported problem and modify the version picker if necessary.
    • If you find out that the problem did not exist in more early LibreOffice versions (or in OOo 3.3) set regression Keyword.
    • Same if bibisecting shows that the problem has been introduced in a version before the Version you find in the selector; please adjust the shown version after your tests.

If your LibO version is not available in Versions picker, please add information in Summary line like ''[OOO340m1 (Build:401)]'' or similar and use unspecified from Version Picker! You might find versions what do not yet exist, information concerning the latest version you can find here.