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  • improve comment rendering on zoom (Marco Cecchetti, Collabora)
  • simplified Mobile UI, cleaner toolbars (Marco Cecchetti, Collabora)
Online Mobile UI
  • disable 'pull to reload' gesture (Jan Holesovsky, Collabora)
  • add context toolbar (Henry Castro, Collabora)
  • copy/paste floating options (Henry Castro, Collabora)
  • improve response when pinch/zooming (Tor Lillqvist, Collabora)
  • on-screen keyboard, text input and cursor improvements (Tor Lillqvist, Henry Castro Collabora)
  • hide ruler, scroll-bars, status bar, document name (Henry Castro, Collabora)
  • scroll / pan of mobile dialogs (Henry Castro, Collabora)
  • larger, circular shape sizing handles (Victor Walker)
  • Android chrome text input improvements (Jan Holesovsky, Collabora)