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  • Improvements in handling online user dialogs (Szymon Kłos, Collabora)
  • Easier pasting experience for the user (Jan Holesovsky, Collabora)
  • If the user clicks a link, tell which site they are about to visit and ask if that is OK (Jan Holesovsky, Szymon Kłos, Collabora)
Ask user before opening a Hyperlink
  • Improved keyboard handling for Delete and Insert key (Iván Sánchez Ortega, Collabora)
  • Improved context menu’s on iOS Safari (Henry Castro, Collabora)
  • The user can now paste text into fields in dialogs (Henry Castro, Collabora)
  • Many improvements and additions to the menu (Ashod Nakashian, Collabora)
  • Improved selection and input in text boxes (Henry Castro, Collabora)
  • The status bar now indicates when a document is modified (Henry Castro, Collabora)
  • Extra toolbar command names are available (Jan Holesovsky, Collabora)
  • The zooming of the Insert Hyperlink dialog is fixed (Szymon Kłos, Collabora)
  • Better width of About and Help popup windows on narrow and wide screens (Andras Timar, Collabora)