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  • The number of saved searches in the Find & Replace dialog can be adjusted per expert configuration Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice ▸ Advanced org::openoffice::Office::Common::Misc::FindReplaceRememberedSearches tdf#122322 (Heiko Tietze)
  • New command .uno:InsertNarrowNobreakSpace introduced bound to ⇧ Shift+Alt+Space that inserts a non-breakable narrow space (U+202F) tdf#121596 (Heiko Tietze)
  • Added ability to create and change properties of UNO grid control and UNO Hyperlink control within the Dialog-Editor tdf#53524,i#119731 (Shubham Goyal - Samuel Mehrbrodt, CIB).
  • Tip-Of-The-Day dialog shows useful information once per day on startup tdf#124238 (Heiko Tietze)
Tip of the Day
  • What's-New infobar pointing to the release notes when a new version is started for the first time tdf#69042 (Heiko Tietze)
What’s New infobar
  • Sentence selection (triple click) is available for keyboard customization now (no default shortcut assigned) tdf#124552 (Heiko Tietze)
  • If an unmodified template document is opened in an existing window, it will no longer be overwritten by a new document. Instead, a new document will open in a new window tdf#83722 (Katarina Behrens, CIB)
  • The Apple Advanced Typography (AAT) layout is now supported on all platforms. commit (Khaled Hosny)
  • Ability to read and optionally generate MSO lockfiles was added. Now LibreOffice can report who of MS Office users has locked a document by reading the lock files generated by MS Office; and when "Create MSO lock file" is checked at Tools ▸ Options ▸ Load/Save ▸ Microsoft Office, LibreOffice would generate such files in addition to own lock files, to allow MS Office users to know who has locked documents, too. tdf#34171, commit (Mike Kaganski, Collabora / Tamás Zolnai, Collabora)