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  • Help pages on Python Macro programming (Alain Romedenne, Olivier Hallot)
  • More pages on undocumented BASIC objects and functions (Alain Romedenne, Olivier Hallot)
  • Python and BASIC code fragments better rendered in Help pages (Olivier Hallot)

Bascode rendering.png

  • Python and Basic code fragments can now be copied to clipboard on a mouse click for later use - tdf#122548 (Olivier Hallot)
  • Extension of the XML dictionary (DTD) to simplify markup for Help pages (Olivier Hallot)
  • The Online Help Editor (Olivier Hallot, Mike Saunders)
  • Refactoring of Math icons to SVG (Mark Robbinson, Olivier Hallot)
  • Refactoring of Help file names for Draw (Ilmari Lauhakangas, Olivier Hallot)
  • Code cleanups and typo fixing (Sophia Schröder, Andrea Gelmini)
  • Calc functions CONCAT, TEXTJOIN, IFS, SWITCH documented (Olivier Hallot, Wilfried Donkers)
  • Calc functions now indicates the LibreOffice release of their implementation (Olivier Hallot, Mike Kaganski)