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  • Fast table moving & deletion: Cut command cuts the selected table instead of removing its text content tdf#118311
  • Fast table row/column moving & deletion tdf#127759
    • Cut command cuts the selected table rows or columns, if they are selected by enhanced table selection (clicking in front of them)
    • After that, paste command inserts the removed table part before the actual row/column
  • New Paste Special menu options for pasting table data into tables (in table popup menu and Writer’s Edit menu)
    • Paste Special menu option "Paste as Nested Table" tdf#37156
Paste nested tables in Writer
  • Paste Special menu options "Paste as Rows Above" and "Paste as Columns Before" tdf#64902
  • Improved drag & drop mouse operations to move table data
    • move the selected table instead of duplicate it tdf#84806
    • move rows and columns (selected by enhanced table selection) and wholly selected tables by inserting new table rows above or columns before instead of overwriting cells of the target table. In the case of moving (not copying, i.e. without using the key Ctrl during drag & drop), the selected rows and columns are removed completely, instead of emptying their cells. tdf#35570