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  • Navigator's categories are gray if they don't have any items (the same for Calc's Navigator) tdf#129625
  • All objects in Navigator (Headings, Tables, Frames, Images, etc.) have own context menu items like Go To, Edit, Delete, Rename tdf#128814
  • Headings in Navigator have Promote/Demote level and Promote/Demote chapter context menu items tdf#128814
  • Table's context menu in Navigator now has Insert caption item tdf#128814
  • Added Outline tracking for Headings in Navigator. It can be in three states: Default, Focus, Off. Try clicking with your mouse in several places in your big text document with many headings. You'll see that Headings in Navigator will be selected automatically according to text cursor position tdf#108766
  • Replaced the navigation toolbox with the navigate by elements control tdf#89566
  • Added Navigator section tooltip word and character count tdf#63967