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  • If you want your search to match only the string you have entered, you can add the -w option. For example to search for is and not retrieve this or his, etc.
  • If you want to search for several words matching only what you have entered, the syntax is:
egrep -w -r -n 'word1|word2' directory/
sophie@sophie:~/libo_ui-fr$ egrep -w -r -n '~File|_File' sw/
the output is:
sw/uiconfig/swriter/ui.po:313:msgid "_File System"
sw/uiconfig/swriter/ui.po:1649:msgid "_File name"
sw/source/ui/frmdlg.po:563:msgid "~File name"
sw/source/ui/misc.po:591:#~ msgid "~File system"
sw/source/ui/dialog.po:169:msgid "~File name"
sw/source/ui/index.po:522:msgid "~File"
Note: we use egrep to match a particular regular expression. The e is for extended grep but you can use the -E option for that as well: grep -E -r -n 'word1|word2' directory/