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I'm both known under my real name (Michael Bauer) and the handle Akerbeltz. Somehow I seem to have ended up running most localisations for my locale (Scottish Gaelic), including the Mozilla suite, Opera and various others. If you're curious in general about the state of Gaelic software localization, check out iGàidhlig.

I'm primarily a translator and while I've learned a thing or two, my skills in anything involving code are rudimentary. As a result, I'm a great advocate of simplifying the localization process in general, not just for my own sake. Fortunately, the LO project is rather good at keeping it simple for the translators! No wonder it comes in so many languages.

For news on things related to Gaelic software and speech and language technology, you can best keep up with me on Facebook or Twitter.

As for this project my main objectives are to maintain the user interface translation and the proofing tools.

There's not enough critical mass out there to run our own forum for LO but for anything relating to Gaelic software that's best discussed in a forum, Fòram na Gàidhlig have kindly provided us with our own software corner. See you there!