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Adding new signals(extension for plugins)

Many people need some data, when user works with text, but they can't get it when create new plugin - they must run into core code, get some info and make some nessesary changes for new plugin.

I have a proposal for it: we will add some events and listnen them(this is a list with nessesary events).

New events
Event name Place for inserting Event's data
CopyEvent Place of copying, data in buffer
CutEvent Place of cutting, data in buffer
InsertEvent Place of inserting, data in buffer
Creating new paragraph by "Enter" Place of creating new paragraph
Deleting Place of deleting, deleting data
SortingEvent Sorting data before, sorting data after
NumberingEvent/MarkingEvent Data for numbering(may be also before and after)
Undo/Redo (If these actions calls events higher - we don't need it) Action, place of action, data for action
Moving text by mouse Text, position from, position to

Then we simply create listner for these events and use it with our aims.

"+" of this solution

  1. Plugins' creators can use these events without changing core code and knowing about it - it decrease plugin and core coherence and increase core code reliability
  2. It increases opportunities of plugins - it makes creating new plugin more simple

"-" of this solution

  1. These events must be added at properly places in core code(as it wrote in table)