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This page describes and shows by example how to structure your idea in a Whiteboard page.

  • What is a Whiteboard? A Whiteboard is a special wiki page that describes an idea and that, along with a discussion on the mailing list, helps to formalize and develop design ideas and proposals before they are implemented.
  • How should I work with Whiteboards?
    • Every Whiteboard has an assigned owner who is ultimately responsible for it. The owner is usually the person who started the Whiteboard.
    • If you are not the owner of a certain Whiteboard, only add to the Proposals section of a Whiteboard when the status Call for Proposals is active. After the Call for Proposals has ended, no more proposals are accepted and a tentative design is developed. If there is any other change you would like to make, contact the owner of the Whiteboard first.
    • Do not use Whiteboards for discussion, for that purpose, use the mailing list. If you are not subscribed to this mailing list, use the page that you reach by clicking the Discussion link in the top left link bar (Talk:).


Call for Proposals Analysis of Proposals Shaping Tentative Design Implementation in Progress Implemented


In Scope Out of Scope
  • Easy to browse through
  • Terse phrases
  • Space for multiple proposals
  • Tracking development
  • Discussing

Relevant Bugs

  • List here links to reported issues (along with their number and description) that relate to the Whiteboard, for instance:
  • tdf#0 - The bug's description


  • Terminology: The entirety of technical or otherwise special terms that need to be clear to all readers of the Whiteboard in question.
  • Whiteboard: A wiki page for the purpose of developing a design idea into a full-blown specification.





  • Persona: A persona is a fictional character whose life you want to improve with the proposed change.
  • Joe: Joe, as a member of the design team, wants to improve the usability of the Templates and Extensions repository. He has never created a Whiteboard before, so he does not know much about wiki markup. He needs an easy-to-fill-out template.
  • Michael: A member of the LibreOffice development team. He wants to find a design idea that he could work on, but doesn't want to read through every detail on a Whiteboard. He needs to be able to quickly browse through a Whiteboard.
  • Monica: A new member of the LibreOffice design team. She wants to add her own proposal to an exsiting Whiteboard and needs a place to post it to.

Tentative Design

This section is created after we've agreed on a single design based on the submitted proposals and are ironing out the details. It includes the spec and high-quality mockups.


Proposal by You



Read mode

In this mode, the whiteboard can be read by anyone.

Edit mode

In this mode, the whiteboard can be edited in wiki markup by signed-in users.

Proposal by Monica

Here's the place for Monica's proposal.


Mirek2 Monica
Space for Multiple Proposals Yes No
Readability Too much text per category Less text per category

Relevant Art

  • List here links to screenshots/descriptions of competitive approaches or proposals from people outside the design team
  • Gnome Whiteboards