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QA recruiting and mentoring notes

Contact bug reporters who seem to know how to use their computers and people that have started testing spontaneously.

Invite them to IRC with the webchat link. Either do it in a comment in Bugzilla or in a direct email.

Start with really simple stuff and don't flood them with information. QA/Triage_For_Beginners is a good, short intro.

Let them know it's OK to make mistakes.

Promise to mentor them or arrange other mentors, if you are short on time.

Give them the QA wiki link. Tell them there's a lot of stuff to digest, but that they can do it at their own pace.

Mention bibisecting, as some newcomers are really keen to start doing it right away.

Point to the useful Bugzilla preferences:

- If they don't yet have a nickname or real name set: Preferences - Account Information - Your real name

- General Preferences - Automatically add me to the CC list of bugs I change - Only if I have no role on them

Tell them about MozTrap.

If a person you are mentoring runs into a bug that is hard to triage, show them the FindTheExpert page.

To make sure things go smoothly, you can find the right developer(s) to help with the difficult bug and introduce the new person to them.

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