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Short (and sweet) Instructions - Linux Only

  1. Download repo (12 gigs, don't worry - just one time)
  2. Unpack repo to somewhere useful
  3. Open terminal and make sure git and libjpeg62 are installed
    sudo apt-get install git libjpeg62
  4. Enter the directory of the unpacked repo
    cd [downloaded directory location]
  5. Start bisecting
    git bisect start latest oldest
  6. Launch Libreoffice in the current revision
  7. Try replicating bug for this revision
    1. if it doesn't exist
      git bisect good
    2. if it does exist
      git bisect bad
  8. Repeat step 6 & 7 until you get a message like
    5a52acff89c733acbd4be6896748c76a010cb507 is the first bad commit
  9. Get the log of the operation and Copy/paste it to bug report
    git bisect log

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