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Scope of this proposal

The aim is to address the most prominent problems of color choosing in LibO with as little code change as possible so that we can get something implemented soon.

Needs addressed

The user should be able to pick any color he wants and to know quickly which color is applied to an element.

At the moment, if you get a file with a color that is not in your palette, there is no easy way to identify it.

Here is a (simple) proposal with :

- bigger swatches

- an additionnal swatch for colors that are not in the palette

- a button to choose an arbitrary color


Clicking "Other" should wether a redisigned color tab, that merges the color tab and the color pikcer.


Or a specific windows with these elements.

The layout is just a rough draft for the following ideas

- Merging color tab and color picket

- Removing the Edit and Modify buttons

Ideas for the future

- Change default palettes, with fewer colors

- add a way to have "colors recently used" handy

- Change the i18n mecanism : at the moment, palettes are translated with a "search and replace" mecanism, which is IMHO, sub-efficient and overcomplex