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My name is Clayton Cornell.

I've been around in the Star Office,, and LibreOffice world for many years. I started out working with Star Office sometime around 1999 or 2000 when I was migrating my home computers over to Linux. This eventually evolved into in 2002, and I started doing a little minor contributing. In 2007 I was hired by Sun Microsystems to work full time on the documentation for both Star Office and This eventually evolved into a Documentation Co-Lead role I shared with Jean Hollis Weber until 2011. I stepped down from my Documentation Team responsibilities in 2011 (at the same time Oracle stopped its participation in, and took a couple of years to pursure other activities.

Now (late 2015) I'm back and will be working with the doc team again.

I have a second (older) user account here: smaug42 Some edits have been done under this username.

To do list

  • Start with minor edits and cleanup in the doc wiki