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User ChristophNoack.png Hi everyone!

Thanks for your Internet stopover at my little place. The person writing these lines is called Christoph Noack. He made his first experiences with one of the predecessors of LibreOffice in the ages of DOS - and got a strong supporter of both the software and the idea of open-source in general. During his time with, he was elected to the Community Council, and he happily served in the role of the User Experience Team Co-Lead to improve how users can interact with the software. And also in his day job, he works in the field of User Experience, but this case he works for a German consumer goods company.


Current Areas of Involvement


Past / Postponed Areas of Involvement



Product Development

  • Trying to improve the current printing in The project is described at the Printerpullpages Wiki Page
  • Helping with the revision of the Notes functionality in Writer. Find more information at the Notes2 Wiki Page.


  • Trying to better interact with the broader community by collection ideas. Have a look at the Idea Handling Wiki Page.
  • Proposal for an UI which allows the direct manipulation or access to Hyperlinks, Smart Tags, Notes etc. Find out more at Direct Manipulation Snippets Wiki Page.
  • Adding the idea "Document Check" to improve the revision of documents. This way, please: Document Check.
  • Idea how to transform the currently independent items like StartCenter / About Box / ... into a consistent, pleasing and connected solution. Find more at Welcome Center 2010
  • Thinking about the idea to let the user revert changes in a certain part of the document only. You find more at Contextual Undo.
  • Thinking of how to improve the Options in See the Improved Options Wiki Page.

Presentations / Conferences

Thank you for your interest, have a nice day!