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Hi all,

I hope 2016 started great for all of you! To me, one topic for this new year might be the question whether logo refinements would be beneficial for LibreOffice. That calls for your input :-)

Historically, today's logo was prepared for the initial release of LibO. To me, it worked quite well – but it also required compromises (e.g. visual details vs. time constraints, TDF subline for marketing reasons). One of my early blog posts provides some background info. Or, for a better overview, browse the first pages of LibreOffice – The History...

Today “LibreOffice” is a quite established brand – and it evolved technically (e.g. LibreOffice Viewer for Android). So my aims were:

  • Achieve modern style (ideally, be timeless)
  • Keep consistency (to established logo/brand)
  • Clean-up visual structure (and prepare for various uses-cases)

See below for the results of the ideation (incl. variants, details and usage examples).

So what are your initial thoughts, pros, cons?

Cheers, Christoph

Examples & Ideation

For ideation - not pixel perfect! Not to be used in publications or the product itself...

Source Files

Overview of Source File (PNG)

Source File (SVG)


Mailing list discussion "[libreoffice-design] Some Ideation on LibreOffice Logo Improvements"


LibreOffice Branding Guidelines

Mimetype Icon Proposals

Gallery Icons

Bug 96835: The main LibreOffice icon could use redesign – not distinctive enough in some Desktop environments

BugHunting Session (recently used bug hunting banner)

K-J's frontpage drafts for LibreOffice 5 guides (use simplified module symbols)

Known Issues & Feedback

  • LibO Splash doesn't provide clues on vendor (e.g. TDF)
  • Green (in splash) might be too bright
  • Differentiation of LibO main icon and Calc (although different greens used)
  • Check color contrast for relevant graphics