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Template:Bot This bot is run by User:dennisroczek using AWB⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg and mw:Pywikibot⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg (depend on the task). It is used for working independently automated (well at the moment more or less automated, depending on the stability of the regular expressions).

For any new cleanup request ask at User talk:dennisroczek - also more tricky stuff. The tool is great for working on a list of pages...


More information (using the old framework, but most instructions still work with core) are available at User:Korrawit/CleanupWikiLinks.


Bot Task Status Description settings.xml Activity remarks
1 done Switch ->; use Template:fdo here done this list doesn't help as template transclusions get also listed
1.1 done (but, still not stable for continuous runs) {{fdo|12345|fdo #12345}} --> {{fdo|12345}} here in development
1.2 done (should exclude pages where the link is valid!) replace \[https?://bugs\.freedesktop\.org/ bugzilla\] with [[bugzilla]] here in development
2 in development replace other bugs.fdo links with bugs.libo in development in development
3 no Standard general fixes with a modified AWB build ignoring level 3 fixes (see bad example) no, code / build on request planning
4 running Replace all "external links" to interal wikilinks not yet released (but stable!) in development: TODO:
  • QA/BSA/TODO index.php is evil and is simply excluded at the moment
should maybe run on a regular basis!
5 running Creating language redirects to navigation (top) menus no real code, only one time task running

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