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Scatter extension

This extension multiplies one shape over the nodes of another. One of the shapes should be: Line, PolyLine, Polygon, Curve (open or close - no matter). Select them and go to Tools/Add-ons/Scatter menu.

Current version: 0.0.4 Previous version: 0.0.1 Changes since 0.0.1 are: [x] Rotation Angle [x] LineShape support [+] LineShape asks for optional additional point [x] The final shape is closer to the original position now [x] If nothing is selected a message box pops up [x] If a single non-supported shape selected, the macro ignores it

Available here: Scatter

Alternative Print Brochure for Writer

Starting from 3.3 it's possible to print pages in different order, in Writer (this still not works in Draw/Impress/Calc due to the i#11831). This extension doesn't print anything, but displays page order for brochure printing. Available here: File:PK-1.0.8.oxt

Mixer for Calc

Mix cell values in a selected range(s). Select a range of cells you want to mix and go Tools/Add-ons/Mixer. If Mersenne Twister Random Number Generator Add-In is turned on, its service is used for internal calculations instead of the default random number generator. File:Cellmixer.oxt