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Carl Symons



Bellingham, Washington, USA

Open Office was the gateway drug to Free & Open Source software for me. When version 1.1.3 was released, my tech friend/pusher informed me that it was now suitable for a naïf. Since then, I've gotten deeply into being my own SysAdmin and helping others when appropriate. Currently running Kubuntu 10.10 and using CLI for server work, mostly Drupal. My focus is on users & usability more than technology. I'm one of the organizers of LinuxFest Northwest, coming up on its 12th year at Bellingham Technical College. The "no stress Fest" is held during the last weekend in April. There is no charge to attend the exhibits and presentations. Free parking. A true open source, community event that draws people with all levels of expertise. I've worked mainly on introducing people to Linux/Open Source, beginner level sessions, the Tutorium, installFest, and helping to make the event run smoothly.