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Triaging is the process of confirming and prioritizing bugs. It is a great opportunity for non-developers to help improve the application. Well prepared bug reports help developers concentrate on fixing problems in a reasonable order. This page summarizes the process in in few easy steps. If you are in doubts, just follow the links for more details.

Triaging in short

  1. Take any UNCONFIRMED bug from the list.
  2. Check if it is reproducible.
  3. Leave a comment about your findings or about what was unclear. Please, always mention your LO version and OS.
  4. Set the status NEW if reproduced, or set NEEDINFO if you asked the reporter for a particular information.
  5. Escalate critical bugs by putting developers into CC or prioritize according to the flowchart.

If you are in doubt, do not hesitate to ask on the mailing list.

Even Better Triaging

If you do the above steps, you already help a lot. But you could do even more by:

  • searching for duplicates
  • setting whiteboard flags, severity, priority
  • providing more information, e.g. test documents, screenshots, easier steps, backtraces

See the detailed bug triage instructions for more details. Any help is highly appreciated.