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Alright - so I did a little fiddling last night and this morning and started putting together a test best image: So what I'm thinking to do with this image definition is:

1 - a common, known, environment:
[at the moment this includes]

  • Address book sources for mail-merge testing
    • Evolution
    • Thunderbird
  • File based data sources
    • SQLite 3
    • dBase
    • embedded ODB files
  • Server based data sources
    • MySQL
    • Postgres
  • Connectors
    • SQLite ODBC
    • MySQL ODBC/JDBC/Native Connector extension
    • Postgres ODBC/JDBC/Native Connector extension
      • OpenJDK {Java 1.6)

2 - pre-configured data sources

  • MySQL and Postgres dump files w/schema and test data
  • SQLite db file and UnixODBC config.ini file
  • Evolution and Thunderbird address book test data [_not_ finished]

3 - pre-built ODB files connecting to data sources

  • [_not_ finished]

4 - test scripts

  • [_not_ finished]

5 - extras

  • LOPD libraries
  • ODF Toolkit Libraries

Test Cases:

Create HSQLdb embeeded db - Foreign key support User:Drew/BaseRegTest001