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Basic Text

Access to technology is critical in helping students build key 21st-century skills for college and the workplace

--and a solid information technology (IT) staff is the backbone to any well-integrated, effective school technology program.

School district IT staff help administrators manage their education technology initiatives, must be familiar with issues such as acceptable-use policies, Web 2.0 tools, and filtering. IT staff are also responsible for helping students and teachers take full advantage of technology for school assignments and research.

The Document Foundation (TDF) is dedicated to helping 21st-century educators and students alike.


  • a fully free, open source suite of integrated applications
  • developed by TDF and it's large base of community contributors
  • well suited to both institutional and individual uses
  • zero cost to students for personal use
  • support for institutional users via numerous Linux distributors

Support for the OpenDocument ISO standard

  • use of well defined, xml based, file format is well suited to working with content in the Web oriented world
  • use of recognized open standard guarantees fewer frustrations during transition to future, inevitable, upgrades
  • ODF file format support offers easy use of FOSS education market specific distributed teaching tools such as Sakai