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Welcome to my page. Hope we can work together to create an open document software and spec. So here I'am.

Who am I?

I'm Hernawan Fa'iz Abdillah, a beginner C++ developer with perfectionist nature. I'm here to help to craft Libreoffice into software as comfortable as the proprietary one. Passionate to learn and discover new things.


Works, comfort, tidy, adaptable office software for our community.

Work of Focus

I wanted to contribute, in the following focus.

  • Special Character Dialog : Please everyone, help me in discussing how this feature should work.

Contribution Notice

All of my past & future contributions to LibreOffice may be licensed under the MPLv2/LGPLv3+ dual license.


Anyone has a thought, put down here. Be tidy :)

Myself, "You smart :)"

Thanks for your help on yesterday problem. Libreoffice now looks good. (example)