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My current contributions into LibreOffice development:

Fix import/export into .xlsx and .xls:

  • tdf#46738 FILESAVE Cell background and border color formatting information of empty cells lost after export to xls or xlsx
  • tdf#48767 Fix orientation issue after export to .xlsx
  • tdf#51524 FILESAVE .xlsx and.xls looses width information for hidden/collapsed grouped columns
  • tdf#70565 Fix for User Defined Custom Formatting which was not applied during importing XLSX documents
  • tdf#73873 Fix missing embeddings in word/embeddings directory
  • tdf#89139 Fix exporting of Pivot tables into .xlsx format
  • tdf#91475 FILESAVE: Column width is not preserved in XLSX / after round trip
  • tdf#98106 Hidden and empty rows became visible when export to .XLSX or .XLS file
  • tdf#100347 Fix Outline export into XLSX format
  • tdf#100946 FILESAVE Excel on OS X ignored column widths in XLSX last saved by LO
  • tdf#101042 Fix of frozen window in Excel for Mac after exporting into .xlsx
  • tdf#101059 OOXML: Write dimension range in full address notation to resolve compatibility issues with Office 2007
  • tdf#101135 FILESAVE During .xlsx export, XML_outlineLevelRow, XML_outlineLevelCol keys are not saved
  • tdf#101363 Fix precision of column width according to MS specification
  • tdf#103143 Fix importing number of characters from docx files
  • tdf#104729 FILESAVE Save author name in comment during export to .xlsx
  • tdf#109016 FILESAVE XLSX PIVOTTABLE: Filter set on row fields not saved
  • tdf#113271 FILEOPEN: XLSX: Incorrect font colour

EMF/EMF+ fixes and improvements:

  • tdf#31814 EMF: Fix failure of displaying ChemDraw objects
  • tdf#111486 Multiply by whole base transformation, and not only by scale of it
  • tdf#112500 Store world transform during graphic save
  • tdf#113704 EMF+ Add support for EmfPlusRecordTypeFillRegion record
  • tdf#113451 Fix misplacing of lines by adding mappingChanged
  • tdf#113704 Implement proper reading of the EmfPlusRegionNode
  • tdf#113707 EMF+ Add support for ResetClip record
  • tdf#113758 EMF+ Add support to OffsetClip record


  • tdf#42949 Remove not needed headers to speed up compilation
  • tdf#48140 Replace uno CellRangeAddress and CellAddress with direct calls
  • tdf#50916 Allow more than 1024 columns in calc

My contributions: