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Feature needed: A Customisable Mini Toolbar. MSOffice has Mini Toolbar but not customizable. A chance to be ahead and to be useful to the user.

Feature needed: Split Window. I agree that there are bypass methods to this. But, why should I look for bypass when its possible to provide directly? Its a great feature to have.

In LO Calc, fill down works if you select both ‘the cell to be filled and the contents cell also’. Why can’t I just select the empty cell/cells and fill down/right/left/up? Moreover, if a number of cells data is to be filled down/R/L/up, let then the requirement for selecting ‘contents and destination’ be applicable. But, by default the just preceding cell must be copied without selecting the source cell. Keyboard shortcut also is the requirement for this.

In LO Calc, for fill handle to appear you have to move to another cell and come to the desired cell if you are in a cell-edit mode. But, the filled handle should come at the time of cell-editing mode itself. It will reduce two steps 1) coming out of the cell and going back to that cell.

Feature needed: In LOWriter, the tabs for the pages will be highly appreciated feature.(tabed pages). Such tabs for pages appear in MSOffice publisher, Pagemaker etc. Moreover, let there be a shortcut to go to those pages.

Feature needed: LO Writer – Single click on the right/left margin in front of a line should select a line, double click should select a Paragraph and triple click should select an entire page/section. Or leave the choice to the user what they want by such click.

In LO Writer – In tab types (like – L and inverted L etc) its easy to move the tab types to any distance. However, if one wants to place the tab at exact position like 0.5 etc, its very difficult. But, that is a prime need. Let the value appear on the ruler when I move. Or let there be a key press like alt etc to have the 0.2″/0.5″ hops. Moreover, to remove all the tabs types applied, there needs to be separate button/shortcut/key to remove the tab types (not the inserted tabs) from the selection.

In LOWriter, someone has done a great great work by providing the extension named Alternative searching. Many thanks to this man for this utility as it is the one great reason that I could stick to LO Writer. However, I would like to shift it to a keyboard shortcut like Ctrl+F/G/H. Its not possible as yet. Please do something so that such Extensions also will become the part of shortcuts.

LOwriter doesn’t give text boundaries. I miss it a lot. I fill lost while working without it. You may be having any reason not to provide, but as a user I miss it. Moreover, many say apply background, apply page border etc etc as bypass method. That sounds ridiculous when we have gone technologically so ahead. Is that an intellectual challenge for Libre community?

In LO writer, if you have a text having two different font sizes, you can’t reduce or increase the font size of them both at a time. You have to select them separately and change. Its a just dishearten to any one who wants to leave microsoft and turn to Libre. I switch to LO and went back and again came back to LO. There is a recommendation from some to go for styles etc. I feel they are asking much from the beginners. Moreover, not all the documents are standard ones where one thinks of styles. Many documents come from other platforms. I read a reply where it said, ‘Do you build a house without preplaning?’ True. How many build homes by planning themselves. They need service providers. Kindly be merciful to the general user who doesn’t go to styles etc. One more thing, the fonts size should get reduced by one point a time by shortcut or the user must have a choice to set the points to jump.

In LOwriter for numbering, the font, type, size etc doesn’t respond to change directly in the document. Its an useful feature to have.

IN LOwriter, in numbering when you set an option in the ‘Position>Numbering followed by’ to space and save, close and shut down the pc, on rebooting, reopening the document its back to tabs option. It disturbs the whole set documents. It just threatens to prepare a documents. Kindly do something and save us.

In LibreOffice Writer, a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Up Arrow takes one to the beginning of the Para. Again pressing Ctrl+Left Arrow takes one before the last word of the preceding para. I think it will be very helpful if it take you to the end of the para, especially for creating macros.