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My nick name Guuml is based on the SGML entity Gü which is eigth bit clean for historical reasons. In modern times you can call me (a shortcut for my german name). Feel free to send me an email or write to my talk page.

This page is under construction, please refer to User:Guuml/de.

Since many years I know the benefits of free software. Nowadays things are elaborate enough so there isn't a need to do make; make install from scratch in almost all of my use cases. Starting in 2008 I migrated the so called "graphical desktop" to a real stable operating system. As a result there was no need to really install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, a dist-upgrade was enough. The same holds true for the upgrade to 12.04.1 last day. My point of view to usability is: any computer has to do what I want them to do. There is no need for updates every week and reconfigure my preferences afterwards.

At some day around 1995 I wasn't able to open a received WinWord 6 file with WinWord&nbsp. StarOffice was a way out of this odd situation. Finally the last reason to install OpenOffice on each reachable Windows XP was that "Karl Klammer" jumps out of each and every box (BTW: is there an equivalent name in english?). The step to LibreOffice during the previous long term support (LTS) was somewhat obvious to me.

Hopefully I can contribute to the improvement of LibO. (to be continued ...)