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The Person

My Name is Mike Houben. I'm for the moment 22 years old and a german speaking belgium boy. My Interests are UI, Graphics, Web, Programming, Animation,...
In my little past i made my way trough 3 years of graphics design studys and now I'm starting Informatics studys.

Personal Website (but still a Work in Progress):


Website Projectplan

This plan is not fixed. It will be changed to the actual needs. (Also improved and expand)
  1. Initial Planning - Choose a focus, and keep it simple. (Marketing Team)
  • What's our goal in 1 Paragraph
  • What's our goal in 140 characters
  • Who will visit and Why?
  1. Content Planning (Documentation Team - Marketing Team and probably Website Team)
  • Information Architecture and Itemize your content.
Making a new Infrastructure for the Website based on the content we already have.
  • Web Site Usability: Focusing on the User
Easy and understandable Way for the User to get to all the information he wants.
  • Navigation
Based on the "Information Architecture" and the "Web Site Usability" Creating a Navigationé
  1. Design (Design Team)
  • Wireframe
  • Making several Ideas into a Wireframesystem. Where Place which content and his size. And how the several objects interact.
  • Creating several Designs based on the Wireframesystem
  1. Coding (Website Team)
  • Speaks for itself. Coding a hardcoded html for each page.
  • Templatecoding and "installing" of the system.
  1. Optimization - Testing (All Teams)
  • B/A Testing some things where we weren't sure.
  • Testing all links

Some other crazy Ideas

Work in Progress - They will be refined by Time

My main Interest for Libreoffice is to improve the User Interface (UI). I don't have any idea, how long the actual UI is in use, but with now "LibreOffice" on the start, could be a good idea to start some changes in this area.
Make a Website which looks like a new fresh Application Website. (The Layout is okay, but i think for an Application it's not the best way to sell it)
Cut the big download Package. Make 1 Maincomponent and put all the rest little boxes (Plugins).