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Proposal agenda for a 3 day working with opensource

Day 1


- Presentation: Landscape of opensource projects Not all projects are alike, some are small some big, some have close communities other embrace everybody.

how to, as a student, choose a project, that are both interesting and rewarding, in terms of helping getting a job.

- Presentation of LibreOffice and it position in the landscape LO is just about the biggest opensource project. Together with other openoffice project it is the most resarched projects.

HR departments like to see LO (among a handfull of others) on a CV, because it confirms that the applicant has team skills.


- Practical session - Get all notebooks up and running with latest GIT repo, and a precompiled workdir - Walk through of tools available - exercise: "find my bug to solve"

Day 2


- Presentation/Practial session Together we solve a easyhack, including building/debugging/committing and sending to gerrit


Students work on their own easyhack, with help of the core developer

Day 3


- Presentation "how to build a local community" Pizza sessions, a few hours together discussing problems Stay in contact with the greater community


Submit patches, and get Award pdf for your CV´s Open issues Wrap up (maybe LibreItalia would sponsor t-shirts?)