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Jean Hollis Weber is a retired* technical writer and editor with many years of experience with companies including IBM Australia. Her award-winning book Is the Help Helpful? How to Create Online Help That Meets Your Users' Needs (Hentzenwerke, 2004) is used as a text in technical writing courses in Australia and the USA.


Jean joined the community in 2002. From 2003 she was the lead editor at ODFAuthors, the group that produced the user guides for OOo. In January 2009 she became Co-Lead of the OOo Documentation Project. Now, with OOo moved to The Apache Foundation, she is working on user guides for LibreOffice. Early in 2012, the Documentation Team elected Jean as their team leader.

Jean's websites include Taming LibreOffice and the Technical Editors' Eyrie.

  • "Retired" = "no longer in the paid workforce"