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Work in progress

Concept "Get involved!"

Looking for a concept for marketing and design for LibO 4 I decided to make some proposals. Part of this is the slogan "Get involved!".

Get involved (GIn) will say for me:

  • "GIn in the programme." There are many other office suites, but take this.
    • Consequence: "You are part of this programme community when you use it."
  • "GIn to talk to others." Tell about LibO and its advantages.
  • "GIn to make the program better." Testing, QA
  • "GIn to make the enviroment of LibO better." Documentation, Marketing, Design
  • "GIn to make a donation".
  • "GIn in the development."
  • "GIn to get a member of TDF".

Design and Marketing

To help this concept getting true I made some marketing and design proposals all along the slogan "Get involved!".

Start Center

1st proposal for Start Center: GIn-StartCenter V1.png

2nd proposal for Start Center: GIn-StartCenter V2.png Source SVG: Source SVG

Splash Screen

1st proposal for Splash Screen: GIn-SplashScreen V1.png

2nd proposal for Splash Screen: GIn-SplashScreen V2.png Source SVG: Source SVG

Banners and Buttons


88x31 GIn 88x31-new.png
120x120 GIn 120x120.png
293x103 GIn 293x103.png
734x213 GIn 734x213.png



BugHuntingSession for 4.0.0

GIn BHS400.png Source SVG: Source SVG

Google+ cover photo

GIn 470x136.png




Searching for a new design for documentation for Libo 4.


Source SVG: Source SVG


Source SVG: Source SVG










LibO4 Page General-left.png

LibO4 Page General-right.png

LibO4 Page GS-left.png

LibO4 Page GS-right.png

LibO4 Page Writer-left.png

LibO4 Page Writer-right.png

LibO4 Page Calc-left.png

LibO4 Page Calc-right.png

LibO4 Page Impress-left.png

LibO4 Page Impress-right.png

LibO4 Page Draw-left.png

LibO4 Page Draw-right.png

LibO4 Page Base-left.png

LibO4 Page Base-right.png

LibO4 Page Math-left.png

LibO4 Page Math-right.png

left right left right left right left right left right left right left right left right


Source SVG: Source SVG


Here can be the starting for a template with the new concept based on the German template:

File:LibO 4

Here is a screenshot as a first example for the whole proposal's look like:

Eg Proposal Doc4.png

And for example I took the GS 3.4 book and changed the general design to get a feeling about the look on a whole book:

File:Proposal GS4.pdf

Attention: Has a big size, but it is "only" 2 to 3 MB bigger than the original.