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All logos based on the work of Nik, Safwan and me. They follow the design of the logos of 2011, 2012.

My Proposals for voting:

1. "Following Bern"

LibOCon 2014Bern k-j1.png

2. "Waving Bern"

LibOCon 2014Bern k-j2.png

3. "Vegur Bern"

LibOCon 2014Bern vegur k-j1.png

4. "White Cross Bern"

LibOCon 2014Bern cross.png

All can made

- inverted:

LibOCon 2014Bern cross k-j1 inverted.png

- as a short Logo (a shorter form)

LibOCon 2014Bern cross k-j1 schort.png

5. "Astron's Swissflag-green". Not really my work but doing some changes on Astron's proposal


and inverted:


If we take the inverted version we should cut it on the left side.

For web use

(88px high)

LibOCon 2014Bern cross 88.png | LibOCon 2014Bern cross web88.png | LibOCon 2014Bern web88 date.png