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DISCLAIMER: this is a work in progress, centered around bug tdf#104822.

When editing a document in the OOXML formats in LibreOffice, some markup will be changed because of limitations of either one of the formats. The aim of this page is to list these changes, to make sure one knows what exactly is changing when saving documents in OOXML instead of the OpenDocument file format.



Cell border thickness (tdf#61148)

It is impossible to set a cell border thickness in Excel while this can be set in Calc. If a spreadsheet is saved as xlsx the the following changes will occur:

  • 0.75 stays 0.75
  • 1.00 changes to 0.75
  • 1.25 changes to 0.75
  • 1.50 changes to 0.75
  • 1.75 stays 1.75
  • 2.00 changes to 1.75

Arrow endings (tdf#104530)

When saving arrow endings in xlsx, not all of hem will be kept. This is because of a limititation in the OOXML specifications, which only supports 6 arrow heads.

TODO: how exactly do they change?