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Organization of doc team and user docs pages

Currently there are two kinds of "documentation" pages on the wiki: pages for the documentation team, and actual documentation for users. Examples of user documentation include the FAQs and Macros sections as well as links I've collected in Documentation/Other Resources. These two types of pages need to be distinguished (to prevent confusion) and organized (for ease of use and maintenance).

Organization tasks include of:

  • collecting scattered pages under sensible top pages, moving them if necessary
  • categorizing doc team pages and user docs separately
  • putting well designed links in appropriate places (such as the contents listing on doc team top page)

Doc team pages should all be subpages of Documentation. They could be further organized under Documentation/Development, or perhaps a tree for each type of documentation (user guides, help content, etc.), depending on other factors that may come up.

User docs pages could be collected under the old Users page (which I cleaned up a bit), under Documentation, or under a more explicitly named page. They could also be left as top level pages and just added to a sensibly named category.

Doc team pages should be categorized under "Doc Dev", "Doc Team" or a similar name. User docs should be categorized under "User Docs" or something similar. It may make sense to continue using the "Documentation" category for one or the other, though even this could be confusing. Until a decision is made, everything should be categorized under Category:Documentation.