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My name is Timothy Lungstrom.

LibreOffice office suite related information.

LibreOffice is a free open source power-packed office suite for Windows XP through to Win 8.1, Linux, and Macintosh.

"Freedom never tasted so Suite"
"No Purchasing or Renting. Free Now, Free Later, Free Always."

I currently am a lead member of the LibreOffice North American Community DVD Project, which is a DVD project that includes the install software for LibreOffice, plus many extensions, templates, artwork, sample files, and other free and open source extras that may help the use with their computer needs.

We currently have ISO files for our DVDs at the LibreOffice download site for CDs and DVD. Link to that web page. Right now, they are hosting the 3.6.5 and 4.0.0 versions [as of March 4th 2013] of the English NA-DVD next to the Gernam one that the LibreOfficeBox group has created. The NA-DVD project has been created DVDs since summer of 2011 for the 3.3.3 version of LibreOffice.

I also host the North American Community DVD Project portal that shows the DVDs as web pages, Currently there is the English language DVD version for the Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac OS X installs.

We hope to offer the DVDs and ship them directly to the user, instead of downloading the ISO, label, and case inserted document, files for online sources. This would be more of a "print-on-demand" service for those with low bandwidth, think dial-up, or business users that cannot burn their own copies from thise files.

I also am involved with the online email based user support system for supporting LibreOffice users. is the place to find the links to help, including the Email-List support. There an many, many users who volunteer their time to help users to figure out how to do things that are not the normal basic things that 90% of our users deal with on a day-to-day basis.

One of the side projects I have been working on is the American English spell check dictionary for LibreOffice as an add-on extension. The Nov. 23rd 2012 version of it has over 797,000 words listed and a 140,000+ word thesaurus. I do any an experimental 3 million word spell check dictionary, but I may never publish it for "normal use".

Personal and Historical related stuff:

I am a "retired" individual that was working in the computer and educational fields with degrees in mainframe programming [business and science] as well as a degree in the field of computer networking. Due to illness and work related injuries, I was “forced to retire” in 2004, but still volunteer [on and off] with local non-profit organizations, including one for adults with physical and developmental disabilities.

I live in Elmira New York USA. The apartment building that is dedicate to the needs of elderly and handicapped individuals, since I use a walker or wheelchair, depending on what my legs and back decide is needed that day. I was injured on the job that severly limited my work abilities yet still could so some work. Then a nasty kid did his best to break my back when he did not get his way, when I worked at a summer program at a local school. After that I could no longer work at all "in the current marketplace" so I was forced to retire on "disability". After that I received more injuries due to falls and strokes. My body could no longer deal with the stress and strain of working a normal 9 to 5 job or even part time on a regular basis, so "retirement" with a disability imcome what I I could do.

With that said, I am able to do some "work" from time to time, under a very limited bases [physical and stress related], doing things in a week or two that use to take me only hours to do. I decided to help other that had disabilities, so I am volunteering some of my time locally for the Kiwanis Aktion Club of Elmira NY,an organization that is dedicated to adults with physical or mental disabilities. I am also on their board of directors.

So, I sit back and read or watch TV, to relax. I must relax as much as possible now, to avoid another stroke after having 3 of them already.

But if I "behave" myself, I can spend some time every day volunteering locally or doing some LibreOffice related "work". Or I could spend some time on my computer(s) on my home/office network to do other Internet related "things". Then I go back to some time relaxing and then I get to do some more computer and/or online "stuff". I spend 90% of my waking hours "relaxing" to avoid stress and debilitating physical pain.

The photo is of myself and "Knobby the Kat" from 2008. He is no longer with me, do to an fatal illness that took him from me on January 3rd 2012.