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I can be reached fairly easily by phone or email. My contact information is always current at:

LibreOffice conference 2013 in Montreal?

I helped present a proposal for Montreal, Canada to be the host city to the LibreOffice 2013 conference. See the announcement.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

About me

I provide professional consulting services, training and migration to FLOSS assistance, and LibreOffice is one of my focus areas.

If you appreciated one of my contributions, consider thanking me or hiring me.

I am a member of The Document Foundation since May 2011. If you'd like to join the project and apply for membership take a look at the Membership Criteria section of the foundation's bylaws.

I live in Montreal, Canada but I can travel wherever an interesting project will take me. LibreOffice is part of my current training, workshops and services. I deal primarily with GNU/Linux environments but I am open to Windows and Mac OS requests for assistance.

Find more about me at:

Consulting, training and support

  • Migration assistance: evaluate, plan and execute you migration from Microsoft Office to LibreOffic or your first deployment.
  • I offer custom training & workshops in French, Spanish and English.
  • I provide dedicated consulting and support for LibreOffice applications.


  • Advocacy & Marketing
    • I created a LibO DVD distribution specifically for my area (Quebec, Canada). I estimate I have distributed ~600 such DVDs so far (as of April 2012).
  • I can present LibreOffice to your company, organization of community group

Quality assurance and testing

  • I maintain a mixed environment to test the latest development versions of LibreOffice. My test environment consists of:
    • GNU/Linux: Debian 7, Trisquel 7, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
    • Windows 7 Professional
    • Mac OS X Jaguar
  • I reproduce issues and report bugs that I find during daily usage / testing with the community or as requested by customers:
  • I help improve existing documentation and I translate based on ongoing needs (English, French):

Training and support

I contribute to several self-support resources:

  • IRC online chat presence on #libreoffice and #libreoffice-fr
  • I am a moderator at Ask LibreOffice since Feb. 2012
  • I regularly post on many mailing lists: fr-discuss, global, marketing, etc.