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These are my personal notes/remarks and don't constitute any official or sancitoned policy by other TDF memebrs or LibreOffice developers.

Best practices

For moderators

  • Take special care to re-tag the operating system (Windows, OSX, MacIntel, Linux) and type of issue (installation, upgrade, etc.)
  • Edit questions for proper spelling/punctuation - readable questions have best chances to get answers
  • If comments have been posted as answers, integrated them into the main question
  • Downvote any new answers that constitute discussion

For people posting questions

  • Use proper spelling/punctuation - readable questions have best chances to get answers
  • Don't post problem reports
  • Only post questions - if your title doesn't end with a question mark, it most likely isn't a question
  • Edit your questions and comments - don't post new answers to correct or augment content

For people answering questions

  • Test the solutions you poste before hand
  • Remain concise and precise
  • Don't post comments as answers
  • If you don't have a solution to the specific question being asked, don't post

Bugs / Problems

Problems encoutered when using/moderating at

  • Can't use more than 5 tags
  • Unexplained limit for upvoting (daily)
  • No operating system, LibreOffice version enforced
  • Unexplained limit for answer-tagging ("will only be able to amrk as answer in X days")
  • Deleted/closed questions still visible (particularly problematic for SPAM)
  • No way to mark a duplicate (currently: Comment indicating the URL of duplicate, close as duplicate)
  • Very busy list of notifications / flagged messages
  • Delete messages leave headers visible in moderator view
  • No way to mark feature-request or bug as such without wasting a tag
  • File attachments don't show up / don't work as expected (reported in 1 questions, cleaned up since)
  • Excessive karma required to add comments to answers/questions

Some workarounds

  • Use the tag "reported-bug" for a problem that is posted as a question, and mention the bug URL in a comment
  • Use the bug number as a tag so several questions about the same bug can be listed via a single URL
  • Use the tag "feature-request" to list all feature request via a single URL