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Marc Paré


Email: Marc Paré


Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

I am Canadian and have passed the age of mid-life crisis. Work: I am a primary school teacher and teach French Second Language; I am also a piano tuner and specialize in 14th-20th century keyboard repairs/ and period tunings; I also publish an online early music magazine and manage a roster of approximately 50 domain names. I have served on some committees at my school board of which software acquisition and testing committee.

I have been using OpenOffice and now LibreOffice from the very start of StarOffice. I also volunteer at my school with mounting Mandriva soon Mageia systems where some of our families can no longer afford to manage their Win setup boxes along with OpenOffice soon LibreOffice.

My reasons for wanting to contribute are that I believe strongly in OSS software for ALL and especially those who are disadvantaged and unable to afford proprietary software. I believe in the quality of OSS and that QA is possible in a community driven model. Learning and fostering knowledge by technological means should not be dependent on one's financial wealth but on one's abilities. The OSS model provides users with this ability and proves undeniably that we are all equal. I am an OSS user and believe in LibreOffice.

I also believe that the quality and performance of OSS software can measure up to propriety software. Community involvement in projects such as LibreOffice prove without any doubt of the power of cooperating partnerships and community driven determination.

I am most pleased to take part in contributing to this endeavour. Hi to everyone.

Marc Paré