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This is the page of Michel Renon,


LibreOffice : new UX

This is the result of brainstorming for some time. It started with trying to solve 2 problems :

  • one with tabs of Impress ("Slide", "Notes"...)
  • the other with Calc : a conflict between vertical splitter and the sheet widgets

The new UX has 2 main parts ("View panel" and "Style edit"), and a third one ("tabs") that can be independant.
here is a first description : User:Michelr/LibreOfficeNewUX

Impress 5.1 : group buttons

A recent modification removed the special tab to select Impress Modes (slide, outline, handout, master...) This is a first step and here is proposal to continue that modification : group buttons related to slide and slideshow in 'side panel'. User:Michelr/Impress51_group_buttons

Impress 5.1 : master panel

Here is a proposal to correct some bugs and design issues with current master panel. User:Michelr/Impress51_master_panel

Impress : Easy way to define entrance animation

Impress Animation Entrance

Impress 4.0 : urgent bugs and enhancements

Feedback on basic usage

As I had to animate a workshop about Impress, I tried to use it, or some functionalities.

And it was very difficult or impossible, because :

  • the UI from Master Pages is difficult to understand, the associated mental model is complex : it seems we see directly the internals of Impress (the relations between slides, master slides, template files...). The user can chose a master page and a layout that don't fit together ; he has no warning, no feedback, no way to understand and correct.
  • Worse, some UI bugs in slide view :
    • in slide view, the most disturbing bug is for the "master page" panel : there is a focus for each subpart : one for "Used in this presentation", one for "Recently used", "one for "Available for use". There should be only the one for "Used in this presentation". You can make it appear by selecting a template in "Available for use", then another in "Recently used", then a master in "Used in this presentation".
    • in slide view, the most disturbing bug is for the "master page" panel : "Used in this presentation" lists real master pages, while "Recently used" and "Available for use" list templates (each template can contains several master pages)
    • In the "Recently used", the fact that preview order changes every click is disturbing. I understand that it's because they are sorted by date-time, but it's visually disturbing.
    • click on one "Used in this presentation" changes only the current slide ; click on one "recently used" or "Available for use" changes all slides
    • "slide design" command is ambiguous : is it the same thing as master page ?

  • Worse, some UI bugs in "Slide Master View" :
    • the "Outline", "Notes", "Handouts", "Slide sorter" tabs are still enabled, while they have absolutely nothing to do with master pages, ("Notes" is used by the "Notes Master View")
    • "Master Pages", "Layouts" panels are still enabled, while they have nothing to do with master pages, (well, "Master pages" may be useful only for the "Available for use" list : it allows user to directly use a global master slide while editing)
    • "slide design" command should be disabled (crash ?)
    • and "Table Design", "Custom Animaton", "Slide Transition" panels should do something but doesn't do it.
      • a table created in master view is not editable in slide view
      • "Animation" & "Transition" seems to handle the currently selected slide, as if LO was still in slide view... (ToBe Confirmed)
  • (with Impress 3.6) the previews of master pages in "master page" panel are badly updated (they indicate a preview of other master page). It seems to be corrected in Impress 4.0.

TBD : Need to check "Notes master" mode.

Proposal for urgent bugs


in slide view :

  • remove focus in "Recently used" and "Available for use"
  • rename "Available for use" to "Available Templates"
  • change default click of "Available Templates" from "apply to all slides" to "apply to selected slides"
  • remove "Recently used" ? (ToBeConfirmed)

in master view :

  • disable all task panels, or simply hide the "Tasks" panel,
  • adapt tabs :
    • rename tab "Normal" to "Slide Master", rename tab "Notes" to "Notes Master"
    • disable or hide all other tabs ("Outline", "Handouts", "Slide sorter")
  • in slide pane, change title "Slides" to "Master pages"

Proposal for short-term enhancements

in slide view :

  • move the buttons (of toolbar "presentation") in the "slide panel" (maybe not all buttons ?)

in master view :

  • move the buttons (of toolbar "master view") in the "slide panel"

But where should the button "Close Master View" be ? maybe at the right side of tabs ?

  • add a button "copy master view"

Here is a more detailed description : User:Michelr/ImpressShortTermModifications

Proposal for mid-term enhancements

Hide the notion of Master Page to the user.
User should have to select only the template and the layout. Impress should select the correct master page automatically.
That's something similar to GoogleDoc's Presentation, which is state-of-the-art presentation software, because I found it ultra-easy to understand (specially the "theme+layout" notion)

here is a more detailed description : User:Michelr/ImpressMidTermModifications

Writer : Bullets and numbering

This is an enhancement to the buttons ('bullets' and 'numbering') in the toolbar

Propal bullets numbering 20120521.png

Writer : new Insert menu

here is a proposal of reorganization of menu Insert in Writer. the idea is to organize items by themes, and even to provide new usefull commands.

Propal menu insert 20120531.png

Of course, the proposed order of themes is only a proposal. Same for items in a theme.
This requires very few/easy changes.
New items :

  • LO Spreadsheet
  • LO Drawing

They are only shortcuts to the current actions : "Insert > Object > OLE Object > Libre Office Spreadsheet/Drawing"

Deleted items :

  • Horizontal Rule...
  • Envelope...

Comments -- GerryT 2012-09-29T21:39:17 (CEST):

  • I would rather put cross-reference below the entry Footnote/Endnote. IMHO, they belong together.
  • Insert -> Page number (which was often requested) is missing.
  • How to get "Horizontal rule" and "Envelope" then? Particularly "Envelope" makes much sense.

Impress : modification of ButtonBar in slidesorter

As some users complained about the current buttonbar in slidesorter, here is a simple modification :

  • change orientation --> vertical
  • change position : put it beside the slide (click inside the slide can't duplicate or hide the slide)
  • the third button "start slideshow" is not pertinent in this toolbar ; should be replaced by another action specific to current slide ('rename' or 'transitions' for example)

Impress buttonbar mre1.png

We can make a usability test about two variants :

  • as current : the toolbar appears in the same way as today (on hover, after a small delay)
  • only for the selected slide, and without a delay (the toolbar is a part of the selection ui)

Impress : autofit text

Show the real text size in the font size list.

Impress autofit text mrenon.png

Macros : bug 38889

It was a work on bug 38889 ("make macro editing easier"). That whiteboard has been archived.

Design/Whiteboard/Macros Dialogs

Ideas, Brainstorming

Icon for Android Remote

This is a very simple prototype, based on 3 points :

  • Impress icon
  • an android phone
  • a play/pause icon

Android remote test1.png

They come from OpenClipArt :

  • android phone :

  • play/pause icon :

Idea for Template Manager

Template manager mre v1.jpg